48V Battery Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner 9000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU Telecom using
48V Battery Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner 9000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU Telecom using
48V Battery Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner 9000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU Telecom using
48V Battery Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner 9000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU Telecom using

Item specifics

Rated Cooling Capacity
9000(3400-11600) BTU
Rated Cooling Power Input
680(180-1060) W
Rated Heating Capacity
2900(800-3050) W
Rated Heating Input Power
830(160-950) W
Grid AC Power
DC Power
DC Inverter Compressor
GMCC Rotary DC Inverter
Working Temperature
-10 to 58℃ (T3 Tropical)



Solarker DC48V off grid solar air conditionerSK-DC48V-09K  SK-DC48V-12K   SK-DC48V-18K
If your power source is native 48V DC as part of a telecom or off grid solar application, Solarker Solar Air Conditioner 48V DC is your most efficient choice. This DC48V type air conditioner is specially for telecom station, island, mountain container house which get no AC power supply and need cooling or heating. 

If you already have grid power supply with your house, then using DC48V battery to power am air conditioner for house cooling is not a good choice, because the power consumption for air conditioner is high compared with other home appliances like TV or lights  and the lead acid battery or lithium battery cost is high. For residential using or power saving purpose, you should choose our Hybird ACDC type solar power air conditioner which use solar panel DCC power and grid AC power for saving the most electricity bill around 30% - 100%.

Powered with:
100% off grid
Any 48V DC  (Lead Acid Battery/ Lithium Ion Battery)
DC48V Solar air conditioner factory
The 48V DC Powered Solar Air Conditioner System
1. 48V DC inverter air conditioner indoor unit
2. 48V DC inverter air conditioner outdoor unit

3. MPPT Charge Controller (48V 40A/60A)
A Solar charge controller protects the whole system and provides stable power supply.

4. Solar Panel
We suggest you to connect 4 to 12 pcs 330W-450W solar panels to drive each solar air conditioner. Both mono-crystalline and ploy-crystalline solar panels can be accepted.

5. Battery
Batteries are the energy bank to reserve energy. We recommend you use 4 x 12V deep cycle gel solar batteries Depending on the system selected and the hours of battery operation you require, you can select based on the Ah of your batteries.
What are included in the Solarker solar air conditioner packages
48V DC solar air conditioner parts
Packing List
Air Conditioner Indoor Unit
Air Conditioner outdoor Unit
Remote Controller
Remote Controller Holder
AAA Battery
In&Out Connecting Wire
Installtion Instructions
Wall Screws
Connecting Copper Pipe
No. 10
Indoor Unit Hanger
No. 11
Pipe Paking Belt
Drain Pipe
Pipe Jacket
Mc4 Connector
48V DC Solar Air Conditioner
Model SK-DC48V-09K SK-DC48V-12K SK-DC48V-18K
Climate Type T1/T3 T1/T3 T1/T3
Application area             m2 8-12 12-20 20-30
Power supply Battery DC DC48V(46~58V) DC48V(46~58V) DC48V(46~58V)
Rated Cooling Capacity(T1) W 2600(1000-3400) 3510(1000-3700) 5070(1200-5250)
Rated Cooling Capacity(T1) BTU 9000(3400-11600) 12000(3400-12600) 17300(4100-18000)
Power input(T1) W 680(180-1060) 980(200-1200) 1450(220-1780)
Rated Cooling Capacity(T3) W 2490 2910 4200
Rated Cooling Capacity(T3) BTU 8500 9900 14300
Power input(T3) W 960 1090 1660
Rated Heating Capacity W 2900(800-3050) 3900(1000-4100) 5250(1200-5500)
Rated Heating Capacity BTU 9900(2700-10400) 13300(3400-14000) 18000(4100-18700)
Power input W 830(160-950) 1130(180-1280) 1400(220-1830)
T1  EER     (W/W)/ (BTU/W) / 3.90/13.20 3.60/12.25 3.50/11.8
T3  EER     (W/W)/ (BTU/W) / 2.60/8.90 2.65/9.05 2.55/8.60
COP    (W/W)/ (BTU/W) / 3.50/11.90 3.45/11.75 3.75/12.80
Dehumidification capacity          L/h 1.0 1.3 1.7
Compressor Type  / Rotary Inverter Rotary Inverter 2xRotary Inverter
Compressor Brand  / GMCC GMCC HIGHLY
Indoor fan motor / BLDC 15W BLDC 15W BLDC 45W
Indoor unit Dimension(W×H×D) mm 840×205×295 840×205×295 1080×330×237
Indoor Packing   (W×H×D) mm 920×290×360 920×290×360 1140×300×382
Indoor Net weight/Gross weight   Kg 9.0/12.5 9.0/12.5 15.0/18.5
Outdoor fan motor / BLDC  40W BLDC  40W BLDC  55W
Outdoor unit Dimension(W×H×D) mm 802×564×323 802×564×323 802×564×323
Outdoor unit Packing  (W×H×D) mm 910×622×405 910×622×405 910×622×405
Outdoor unit Net/Gross weight   Kg 28.0/32.0 32.0/36.0 36.0/40.0
Refrigerant type / R410a R410a R410a
Max Design pressure  (Discharge/Suction)        MPa 4.3/1.5 4.3/1.5 4.3/1.5
Refrigerant piping Gas/Liquid inch  3/8  1/4   3/8  1/4   1/2   1/4
Max. refrigerant pipe length   m 15 15 20
Max. difference in level     m 8 8 10
Drain pipe size mm 16 16 16
Refrigerant pipinglength m 3 3 4
Connection wiring     m 4 4 5
Electrical Expansion Valve Yes Yes Yes
Loading QTY 40" Hq/ 20"GP Sets 200/85 200/85 175/75
DC Inverter Air Conditioner Features
DC48V air conditioner compressor
Twin Rotay DC Inverter Compressor
High Efficiency, low noise level, stable working, longer life design. Powerful Cooling.
DC48v solar air conditioner motor
Low Noise DC Motor
DC fan motor, higher efficiency and accurate control
DC48v solar air conditioner manufacturer & Supplier
Golden Fin Evaporator and Condenser
Golden Fin is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than ordinary blue fins of most
DC48v solar air conditioner with WiFi
WiFi Remote Control
 WIFI connection to the air conditioner and control anywhere and anytime through mobile APP
DC48v solar air conditioner factory
Dual Side Water Outlets
The water outlet can be installed on either left or right side of the water tray for your convenience. connector to control the unit. 
DC48v solar air conditioner R410A
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
R32 or R410A refrigerant can be selected
DC48v solar air conditioner cool heat
58℃ Tropical Temperature Working
T3 System, High EER level design, the unit works under 58 degree middle east tropical temperature
DC48v solar air conditioner heat pump
EEV Accurate Refrigerant Control
System with EEV control the flow of refrigerant, reach higher energy efficiency level