-25℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump 3.5KW 5KW R32
-25℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump 3.5KW  5KW R32
-25℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump 3.5KW  5KW R32
-25℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump 3.5KW  5KW R32
-25℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump 3.5KW  5KW R32
-25℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump 3.5KW  5KW R32

Item specifics

Grid Power AC
Solar Panel DC Power
80-380V DC
Rated Cooling Capacity(35℃)
15300(4200-17000) Btu
Rated Cooling Power input(35℃)
Heating Capacity(7℃)
Heating Power Input(7℃)
Heating Capacity(-10℃)
Power input(-10℃)
Heating Capacity(-22℃)
Power input(-22℃)
6.60 A++
4.20 A+



Solarker -30℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC Floor Console Heat Pump
Solarker -30℃ EVI Heat Pump
When the outdoor temperature is 0 to -4°C, the heating capacity of the normal air conditioner or heat pump is about 60% of the nominal heating capacity (design heating capacity), and the actual heating capacity is about 40% of the nominal heating capacity when the temperature is -5°C to -6°C, In an environment below -7°C, the air conditioner has almost no heating due to the frequent defrosting of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

If you live in a cold area such as Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Russia, Canada, etc., the temperature in winter is often lower than -5 ℃, then choosing Solarker -30 ℃ EVI heating heat pump will be the most economical, the lowest cost, The best thermal solution. Combined with the Hybrid ACDC solar panel technology, you can get energy-efficient heating even during the day without using any grid power.

The Solarker -30℃ EVI Hybrid ACDC solar floor console heat pump energy efficiency reach A++ in summer cooling, reach A+ in winter heating, which is the top level split type DC inverter appliances. Compared with the central water heat pump, it can be easily installed and also get rapid heating for the houses.
Air Source Floor Console Heat Pump
-30℃ EVI Heating Technology & DC Inverter Vapor Injection Compressor
Solarker -30℃ EVI Technology
Evaporator flash tank separate gas and liquid refrigerant, gaseous refrigerant enters the suction port of compressor and reaches the intermediate chamber of the compressor. 

It increases compressor inside temperature and then increase compressor outlet exhaust temperature, so compressor enthalpy increase and efficiency improve.

EVI Heat Pump
DC Inverter +  EEV Technology
The full DC inverter technology control the speed of compressor from 15HZ to 85HZ, adjusts the input power from minimum 200W to maximum 2500W according to the ambient temperature needs to achieve the first energy saving 20-30%.

EEV technology achieves precisely control of R410A refrigerant flow, achieving the second energy saving effect and precisely control the room temperature.
DC Inverter Heat Pump
DC Inverter Vapor Injection Compressor
1/Under SEER60, COP reach 3.95
2/Heating Capacity increase 20-50% at -15°C
3/Two-stage throttling and compressing
4/Twin Rotary, stable and powerful
5/Lowest working ambient temp: -30°C
6/Maximize Air outlet temp 55°C at -20°C
EVI Heat Pump Compressor
Special Designed Up & Down Air Flow
Double airflow for improved comfort and temperature dispersion:
Through the top and down for an efficient operation when heating.
Through the top only when cooling mode

Floor console heat pump for Europe
WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Control
Through WiFi or Bluetooth you can connect your house air conditioner with your Android or Iphone mobile phone, and control anywhere of the devices. Owner can share devices to your family or workers and you can control multy split floor console separately or in group.
Heat Pump with WiFi
APP Power Meter Data
View real-time power generation data of solar panels and grid power consumption, daily, monthly, and annual historical power data through the APP, clearly to know how much energy saving everywhere and anytime

Air Source Heat Pump Energy Saving
Hybrid ACDC Solar Floor Console Heat Pump
Grid Power AC Ph-V-Hz 208V-240V/50-60HZ 208V-240V/50-60HZ
Solar Power DC VMP V 80-380V 80-380V
Solar Power DC ISC A </=12A </=12A
Rated Cooling Capacity(35) BTU 12000(4100-14300) 15300(4200-17000)
Power input(35) W 1000(220-1350) 1295(210-1750)
 EER   (35) (W/W)/ (BTU/W) 3.50/12.00 3.47/11.80
Heating Capacity(7) W 3600(1200-4600) 5200(1200-5400)
Heating Power input(7) W 950(220-1500) 1400(220-1650)
COP (7) (W/W)/ (BTU/W) 3.79/12.95 3.71/12.64
Heating Capacity(-10) W 3300(1200-4400) 4500(1200-5500)
Heating Power input(-10) W 1210(220-2100) 1800(220-2600)
COP (-10) (W/W)/ (BTU/W) 2.73/9.26 2.50/8.50
Heating Capacity(-22) W 3300(1200-3700) 4200(1200-4400)
Heating Power input(-22) W 1650(220-2000) 2250(220-2400)
COP (-22) (W/W)/ (BTU/W) 2.00/6.80 1.86/6.35
SEER(EN14825:2018) W/W    6.68  A++ 6.60 A++
SCOP(Average) W/W    4.61  A++ 4.20  A+
SCOP(Colder) W/W    3.44 A 3.46 A
Max Power Input W 2400 2670
Dehumidification capacity          L/h 1.1 1.3
Compressor Type  / Twin ROTARY EVI Inverter Twin ROTARY EVI Inverter
Brand  / GMCC GMCC
Indoor fan motor / BLDC  DY-30W BLDC  DY-30W
Indoor unit Dimension(W×H×D) mm 720×610×233 720×610×233
Indoor unit Packing   (W×H×D) mm 810×720×300 810×720×300
Indoor unit Net/Gross weight   Kg 16/20 16/20
Outdoor fan motor / BLDC 55W ZWB278L56A
Outdoor unit Dimension(W×H×D) mm 790×560×290 900×700×337
Outdoor unit Packing  (W×H×D) mm 910×405×622 1006×755×418
Outdoor unit Net/Gross weight   Kg 36.0/41.0 44.5/49.0
Refrigerant type g R32 R32
Max pressure  Discharge/Suction MPa 4.3/1.5 4.3/1.5
Pipe Size Gas/Liquid inch  3/8  1/4   3/8  1/4 
Max. refrigerant pipe length   m 15 15
Max. difference in level     m 8 8
Solar Features