Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Heat Pump R410A High Efficiency 24000Btu
Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Heat Pump R410A High Efficiency 24000Btu
Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Heat Pump R410A High Efficiency 24000Btu
Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Heat Pump R410A High Efficiency 24000Btu
Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Heat Pump R410A High Efficiency 24000Btu
Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioner Heat Pump R410A High Efficiency 24000Btu

Item specifics

Rated Cooling Capacity
22000(6100-27000) BTU
Rated Cooling Power Input
1790(300-3200) W
Rated Heating Capacity
7800(1800-9100) W
Grid AC Power
220V/50-60HZ (140-260V Wide Range)
Solar DC Power Vom
80-380V DC(By Solar Panel)
DC Inverter Compressor
Panasonic Twin Rotary DC Inverter
MPPT Solar Controller
Working Temperature
-10 to 58℃ (T3 Tropical)



APP Smart Control of Solar Air Conditioner
Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner has an App specially used to view and control the operating status of photovoltaic air conditioners. Of course, customers may also develop their own control systems through the standard Mode-bus protocol through the air conditioner RS485 interface. Below we introduce the features of the App:

1. Through the App, you can view the PV input power, the total power saving, the solar power saving per hour, every day and every month in real time, and you can view the real-time input power and historical power consumption data of AC mains.

2. If the air conditioner is connected to the WiFi router at home, the WiFi remote control through the APP can completely replace the remote control for temperature, cooling and heating, and switch control.
solar air conditioner App-Solarker
Sunny Day Time
100% solar power working
Off grid no Grid Power
Cloudy Day
Solar DC+ AC grid Mix working
Priority from solar, rest from grid
Night Time
Only grid power working
Still 25% saving because 100% DC inverter technology
Differences between Solarker Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners
1. Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner must use DC Inverter Compressor and BLDC motor
2.  Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioners use the twin rotary inverter compressor to ensure that the noise and vibration of the external machine are small and the energy efficiency is excellent.
3. Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner get smaller starting current: 1-3A, wider voltage operating range: AC 80-290V
4. Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioners use EEV to precisely control refrigerant flow, high efficiency and energy saving
5. The solar MPPT module electronic control board must be connected to the compressor and motor and communicate
6. Improved PV DC safety protection
7. Improved fault code warning and after-sales service code for easier service
8. Both Grid AC power and Solar DC power need to be powered from the outdoor unit
9. Statistical data display of solar DC solar power and AC grid power consumption(Solarker get from the mob APP)
10. Even if it is not connected to solar panel, it is only necessary to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency in the Grid AC mode to achieve the greatest energy saving purpose
11. Only solar power in day time the unit works stable without grid power
off grid solar air conditioner
Structure of Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner
diy solar powered air conditioner
Installation of Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner
Model Name Unit  SK-ACDC-12K  SK-ACDC-18K SK-ACDC-24K
Application Area m2 15-25 20-35 30-48
Grid AC Power Type / 220V/50-60HZ 220V/50-60HZ 220V/50-60HZ
Solar DC Power VOM Vdc 80-380 80-380 80-380
Solar DC Power VOC Vdc <=390V <=390V <=390V
DC Power Current IOC A <=12A <=12A <=12A
Suggest Solar Panel Pcs 3-4* 450W 4-5*450W 6-7*450W
Rated Cooling Capacity W 3510(900-3900) 5070(1200-6000) 6450(1800-7900)
Rated Cooling Capacity Btu 12000(3000-13300) 17300(4100-20400) 22000(6100-25000)
Rated Cooling Power Input W 940(190-1270) 1400(220-2100) 1790(300-2800)
Rated Heating Capacity W 4100(1000-4500) 6100(1200-6800) 7800(1800-8000)
Rated Heating Power Input W 1170(190-1700) 1770(220-2500) 2290(300-2800)
EER W/W&BTU/W 3.75/12.75 3.60/12.35 3.60/12.30
SEER (USA) / 21 19 18
Compressor / Highly Twin Rotary Inverter Highly Twin Rotary Inverter Panasonic Twin Rotary Inverter
Indoor Fan Motor / BLDC-15W BLDC-45W BLDC-45W
Indoor unit Dimension mm 840×205×295 1080×330×237 1080×330×237
Indoor unit Packing mm 920×290×360 1140×300×382 1140×300×382
Indoor Unit Net/Gross Weight Kg 9.0/12.5 15.0/18.5 15.0/18.5
Outdoor Fan Motor / BLDC-40W BLDC-55W BLDC-75W
Outdoor Unit Dimension mm 802×564×323 802×564×323 900×700×337
Outdoor Unit Packing mm 910×622×405 910×622×405 1006×755×418
Outdoor Net/Gross Weight Kg 33.5/37.5 37/42.0 50/54.5
Refrigerant type / R410A R410A R410A
Refrigerant Pipe Size Inch 3/8  1/4 1/2  1/4 1/2   1/4
R410A Hybrid ACDC mini split specification- Solarker